About Us


GFWE Consulting LLP [Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs ] is for profits only entity with the objective of empowering women in Entrepreneurship and profession. GFWE inspires women Entrepreneurs and professionals that they aspire to be world leaders in their own domain.

GFWE in collaboration with DIGIrabbits – one of the Principal Partner of GFWE, is a Visa Specialization Marketing Agency that specializes in providing marketing services to companies and organizations in the visa and immigration industry. We focus on helping clients who are involved in visa processing, immigration services, or related areas to promote their services, reach their target audience, and achieve their marketing goals.

At GFWE, we provide lawyer consulting, both free and paid consultations to help you understand more about our lawyers and how we will help you achieve your legal goals. Our professional consultations are intended to answer legal questions, evaluate papers and contracts, and meet your legal requirements as quickly as possible.